What Products Do You Sell?

At satinca, we stock a variety of different products such as The Storz & Bickel Range, The Storz & Bickel Medical ARTG Approved Dry Herb Vape, satinca Grinders, satinca KeepNeat Tray, satinca extra strength Vape Cleaner, DynaVap, Fenix Vape, Ispire The Wand Induct Heater, Weecke Rush Dry Herb Vape, Volcano Medic, 510 Battery Pen, 510 Cart Stands, Vape Cases/Stands, Smoke Screens, Wear & Tear Sets + More!

At satinca, we understand the struggles associated with using plant medicine which is why all of our products are formulated by a cannabis patient. We are committed to bringing ease, affordability, and convenience to all Individuals from all walks of life by providing high quality yet affordable plant medicine accessories & devices.

In addition to providing high-quality & affordable products, we are also dedicated in educating and training community pharmacies about the benefits of plant medicine and how to successfully navigate through the ever changing Plant Medicine Industry. We believe that by working together, we can help plant medicine patients across Australia access the care they need.