Why You Should Be Cleaning Your Herb Grinder

Why You Should Be Cleaning Your Herb Grinder

Before We Get Into Why You Should Be Cleaning Your Herb Grinder, Your Let's Start With What Is A Dry Herb Grinder?

A high quality dry herb grinder crushes cannabis flower into a fine-medium consistency. Dry herb grinders can come in different materials such as; wood, metal, electric, silicone and plastic. In saying this, a metal grinder seems to be the GOAT.

Dry herb grinders usually come with 2-4 pieces that consist of a lid, grinding chamber and/or filter for kief and at the very bottom, a kief catcher with a scraper.

Similar to other accessories, dry herb grinders should be cleaned every now and then to maintain efficiency and sharpness.

Although you do not need to clean your SATINCA Dry Herb Grinder as regularly as other cannabis accessories, it’s still important to clean your SATINCA Grinder when you start to feel some resistance.

Using the below methods will not only teach you how to clean the SATINCA Dry Herb Grinder, it will also teach you how to save your kief in the process.

What You Need To Clean Your SATINCA 4 Piece Dry Herb Grinder & Save Your Kief

what you need to clean and collect kief from the grinder


The Freezer Method

freezer method to collect kief from grinder

Step 1: Place Your SATINCA Dry Herb Grinder In The Freezer

Dismantle your SATINCA Dry Herb Grinder and place the 4 individual pieces in your freezer for 30-60 minutes. In doing this, you are permitting any kief to change from soft and sticky, to hard and brittle.

Step 2: Here Is Where You Clean Your SATINCA Grinder

Once your SATINCA Herb Grinder and all its parts are frozen, scrape out the remaining kief and/or tap each part against a paper plate that has been placed on a hard surface.

Step 3: Make Sure Nothing Is Left On Your SATINCA Herb Grinder

To ensure you get into all the grooves and teeth of your SATINCA Grinder, use a toothbrush or soft paint brush to softly sweep off any remaining kief particles.

Want to know how to clean your SATINCA Grinder and save your kief using the SATINCA Cleanie 4 Greenie method ?

See below.

The SATINCA Cleanie 4 Greenie Method

clean and collect kief using isopropyl alcohol

Step 1: Dismantle Your SATINCA Grinder

Disassemble your SATINCA Grinder and lay out each individual piece.

Step 2: Soak Each Piece Of Your SATINCA Grinder In The SATINCA Cleanie 4 Greenie Cleaning Solution

Individually soak each piece of your grinder in a jar or ziplock bag with our SATINCA Cleanie 4 Greenie . Jar is preferred but not essential.

Step 3: Allow The SATINCA Cleanie 4 Greenie To Completely Dissolve

In this step, all you need to do is to transfer the Cleanie 4 Greenie liquid into a pyrex dish and allow the Cleanie 4 Greenie to completely dissolve.


Step 4: Collect The Kief After The SATINCA Cleanie 4 Greenie Has Dissolved

Now that the SATINCA Cleanie 4 Greenie has completely dissolved, scrape the kief and place it in a small container for safe keeping.


Now you can see why you should be cleaning your herb grinder.


*note this method is not recommended for plastic or acrylic grinders*


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