How To Use The SATINCA 4 Piece Herb Grinder

How To Use The SATINCA 4 Piece Herb Grinder

To prepare your dry herb for inhalation, lift the SATINCA Grinders Magnetic Lid and place your dry herb onto the sharp teeth (the little black spikes on the first layer) (see photo below).

how to use herb grinder


Once your dry herb plant medicine has been placed on the first layer, place SATINCA’s lid on top of your dry herb. Then start to apply very light pressure and twist and turn, continuously twist and turn the magnetic lid until your flower has been chopped. The SATINCA 4 Piece Herb Grinder smoothly grinds your dry herb to reach ta fine/medium consistency. Consistency is extremely important as you do not want any hotspots in your vape/ device when inhaling. Hotspots can also leave a harsh taste.

SATINCA’S Dry Herb Grinder will always give you a smooth grind, no matter how dense the flower is. You will also find that the SATINCA Grinder does not leave any sticky residue.

After using our Grinder, scoop the grinned flower using our 3-in-1 Packing Tool into your vaporizer's chamber or inhaling device, then use the stamping tool to reduce any air pockets. Your Plant Medicine is now ready to inhale. Once you have inhaled all the grinned flower, use our poking tool to clean out the vaporizer's chamber or inhaling device.

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