How To Use a Button Activated 510 Cart Vape Pen

How To Use a Button Activated 510 Cart Vape Pen

The satinca S10X 510 Cart Vape Pen

  1. Insert your 510 cartridge by gently twisting it at the top of your vape until it is securely attached
  2. Turn on your satinca S10X Vape pen by clicking button 5 times (the LED Indicator will flash)
  3. Starting on green (2.4v) & preheat your vape for 8-10 seconds by clicking button twice
  4. Place your lips around the mouthpiece, creating a seal
  5. Begin inhaling slowly and steadily, drawing the vapor into your mouth similar to sipping a thick milkshake for 2-6 seconds
  6. Inhale & hold vapour for a few seconds then exhale slowly
  7. Depending on your ideal setting change voltage by clicking the button 3 times

Hot Tips For 510 "Button Activated" Vape Pens

  • Button activated pens allow for precise and controlled inhales
  • No accidental activations
  • User friendly - 3 simple voltage settings
  • Easy to clean & maintain
  • Very discreet & light
  • High quality & affordable
  • Allow 2-3 hours for full charge
  • 12 month warranty
  • Remove cartridge before charging
  • Avoid leakage by leaving pen + cartridge in upright position
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