Finding A Dry Herb Grinder Doesn't Have To Be Hard

Finding A Dry Herb Grinder Doesn't Have To Be Hard

If you want to get the fullest effect from your plant medicine then grinding your flower with a manual grinder is really the best way. Nothing matches the way a manual grinder transforms a beautiful flower into a fluffy dry herb cloud.

What Is A Dry Herb Grinder?

A dry herb grinder crushes cannabis flower into a fine-medium consistency. Dry herb grinders can come in different materials such as; wood, metal,electric, silicone and plastic. In saying this, a metal grinder seems to be the GOAT.

Dry herb grinders usually come with 2-4 pieces that consist of a lid, grinding chamber and/or filter for kief and at the very bottom, a kief catcher with a scraper.

4-piece herb grinders are mostly considered as the gold standard grinder due to the easy grind and kief-catching mechanism.

Many dry herb vaporizers chambers also prefer to have a fine-medium grinned as this allows the vaporizer to evenly burn through.

Note: It’s also a great idea to set an intention prior to preparing your cannabis as it sets the tone prior to inhaling and is also something that you can incorporate into your self care regime. 

a beginners guide to finding the right dry herb grinder

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Dry Herb Grinder?

A high quality 4-piece dry herb grinder simplifies the process of preparing your flower for inhalation, no matter what the device is that you’re using for inhalation.

How To Use A Dry Herb Grinder?

  1. Inspect your dry herb for any stems - remove the stem if found
  2. If the dry herb is quite large, break it down into 1.5cm pieces
  3. Remove the lid from your grinder and place it on top of the grinders teeth
  4. Start to grind the dry herb by twisting the lid back and forth
    Note: it’s important to not block the magnet (if your grinder has one) in the middle as the magnet can compress the dry herb.
  5. You’ve now successfully grinned your dry herb. As you open the lid of the dry herb grinder, ensure the dry herb grinder is upright to avoid any spillage of your dry herb. A rolling tray is also a great accessory to keep preparing your dry herb nice and neat. 
  6. The last step is for people who use a 4-piece grinder. If you have captured enough kief from your kief-catcher, use your flat scraper to scoop the kief and sprinkle it on top of your dry herb vaporizer chamber. 

In a nutshell, a good quality 4-piece dry herb grinder allows your cannabis to last longer as you’ll find you won’t be picking up your grinder as often. Which is mainly due to the fine/medium consistency and the kief-catcher which enables your herb to be as potent as it can be.

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