How To Thoroughly Clean Your Mighty/Crafty Vaporizer

How To Thoroughly Clean Your Mighty/Crafty Vaporizer

The Mighty/Crafty is a battery operated portable dry herb vaporizing device that allows Cannabis patients to easily dose their flower prescription on the go. Ideally, you should be deep cleaning your Mighty/Crafty Dry Herb Vaporizer after 6-12 sessions and a quick clean after each session. If you’re using a very sticky flower, then you will need to clean your mighty/crafty much earlier at around 3-6 sessions. 

What You’ll Need To Properly Clean Your Mighty/Crafty

First, you need to disassemble the cooling unit from your Mighty/Crafty once it’s cooled down, BUT do not let it completely cool as the condensation can be quite sticky. The component parts of the cooling unit which include the mouthpiece should be thoroughly cleaned on a routine basis to ensure your vaporizer runs smoothly and provides great flavour.

Follow These Steps To Dismantle Your Mighty/Crafty 

  1. Remove the cooling unit from the Mighty/Crafty Dry Herb Vaporizer by turning the cooling unit in a 90°C counterclockwise rotation
  2. Pull out the mouthpiece and its sealing rings
  3. Open the cap lock by pulling it backwards
  4. Remove the cap lock
  5. Seperate the cooling unit cap from the cooling unit base by pulling the cap upwards 
  6. Pull the cooling unit cap from the cooling unit base
  7. Remove both large and small base seal rings
  8. Push the upper screen downwards out of the filling chamber cap from above by using the filling chamber tool
  9. Press out the upper screen

You Should Now Be Left With The Following Components

  • Cap Lock
  • Mouthpiece
  • Mouthpiece Seal Ring
  • Cooling Unit Cap
  • Small Base Seal Ring 
  • Cooling Unit Base
  • Upper Screen 

Now Comes The Soaking Part

Place all components except the cap lock and seal rings in a bowl or jar and soak for around 30 minutes in an extra strength liquid cleaner like SATINCA Cleanie 4 Greenie, which comes in a twin pack to remove all build up of dry herb stains and grime. The cap lock and seal rings can be soaked in warm soapy water. Do not soak them in alcohol.


Next grab your SATINCA Vape Snap Cap Cleaner and snap at the blue line to release the cleaning solution. Tip the Mighty/Crafty upside down (this avoids any alcohol leaking into the device) and clean the filling chamber.

After 30 minutes or so remove all components that are soaking and rinse them under some warm water. Thoroughly dry all components then reassemble your Mighty/Crafty. Prior to using the Mighty/Crafty, it's best to run a few burn off cycles by setting the max temperature to ensure you get rid of any excess alcohol.

Now your Mighty/Crafty is brand new again and ready for your next inhalation.

It’s best to always follow your vaporizers instruction manual for assembly and disassemble instructions. 

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