Best Tips & Tricks For Your Dry Herb Vaporizer

Best Tips & Tricks For Your Dry Herb Vaporizer

When it comes to the different ways people choose to medicate, dry herb vaporizers have definitely changed the game. A Dry Herb Vaporizer offers a powerful and less invasive way to inhale cannabis, without the health risks of smoking.

Whether you’re using Storz & Bickel Volcano or Mighty Vaporizer, DaVinci Vaporizer, Pax Vaporizer, Arizer Vaporizer, DynaVape or other dry herb vaporizer, we guarantee you will learn some awesome tips & tricks which will elevate the way you inhale your plant medicine

Inspect Your Dry Herb

tips and tricks for dry herb vaporizer

Before grinding your dry herb, you need to ensure that the dry herb you’re going to use to inhale is of high quality. Not too dry and not too wet. Your dry herb vaping experience is only as good as the quality of your dry herb. 

Grind your Dry Herb Using SATINCA Grinder

Now that you have inspected your plant medicine, it’s time to actually grind your dry herb cannabis. Place the dry herb bud onto your SATINCA Herb Grinder and twist and turn to grind the dry herb. When using a dry herb vaporizer, it’s extremely important to get a nice fine/medium consistency.

A fine/medium grind is the perfect consistency for dry herb vaporizers as it reduces air pockets and allows for even heating.

Pack your Grind Dry Herb Fairly Tight, But Not Too Tight

Place the grinned dry herb fairly tight and full (but don’t over do it) into your dry herb vaporizer’s chamber. We recommend stamping down the dry herb using our SATINCA 3-in-1 Packing Tool. If your dry herb is packed loosely, your dry herb vaporizer will not heat evenly, which will result in a mediocre vapour production and not to mention a harsh taste. Vice Versa, if you pack your chamber too tight, you’ll restrict the airflow through your mouthpiece.

Avoid Getting Burnt Or Unpleasant Flavour

Nothing is worse than inhaling and getting a gross, burnt flavour. If this is happening to you when you inhale from your dry herb vape, this is mainly due to your vapes temperature being a bit too high. Even though setting your vape on the highest setting may seem like a good idea, this will just result in burning through the flower tissue and losing the majority of its potency.

What The Different Temperature’s Mean On Your Dry Herb Vaporizer

ultimate temperature guide for dry herb vape

The two things which you can control via temperature are flavour and effect. The flavour usually is more of a personal preference. Starting at a lower temperature leads to a more floral taste whereas when you start to increase the temperature, the flavour alters to a more dense smokier flavour.

Popular Temperature For Cannabinoids                   

  • 160°C - 179°C - For very mild effects whilst still getting flavour
  • 180°C - 199°C - Mild body effects with dense flavour 
  • 200°C - 230°C - Most potent effects with dense smokier flavour

Did you know that Terpenes and its entourage effects can amplify during different temperatures as well?

  • Alpha-pinene - 156°C - Can give off antioxidant properties & assist in managing pain, and helps combat infection and bacteria
  • Linalool - 198°C - Can assist with anxiety, insomnia and depression
  • Nerolidol -122°C -  Can enhance the effectiveness of antibiotics by working with them, destroying more bacterial pathogens than antibiotics on their own
  • Phytol - 204°C - Provides anti-depressant properties alongside CBD and THC
  • D-limonene - 177°C - Encourages good digestive health, cholesterol, blood sugar levels and has been shown to reduce appetites
  • Beta-caryophyllene -119°C - Has the capability to bind with CB2 receptors, which concludes in antimicrobial, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties
  • Beta-myrcene -166°C - Has been identified for its antioxidant properties in addition to its tranquilizing and calming effects

Empty The Chamber As Soon As You’ve Inhaled Through Your Herb

It’s not really good practice to let your post inhaled herb cool down inside your chamber as it ends up clogging the screens and stains your chamber. So It’s best to empty your chamber straight away using SATINCAs Poking Tool.

Easily Clean Your Chamber With SATINCA Snap Cap Cleaners 

After vaping through your dry herb, open the cooling unit and use the SATINCA Snap Cap Cleaners to quickly and thoroughly clean it out. If your vape has a cooling unit, DO NOT Tap the cooling unit on the top edge as it will cause it to break.

Regularly Maintain And Clean Your Dry Herb Vape

The best way to ensure you have a great dry herb vape experience time after time, is to properly maintain and clean your vaporizer. Every dry herb vaporizer has different cleaning instructions so it’s best to follow your brand's cleaning instructions. The SATINCA Cleanie 4 Greenie is a fantastic high strength liquid cleaner which can be used to clean your dry herb vape.

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